VoteParty Suggestion - Prison

Should there be a VoteParty at a certain amount of votes? (Gives out Lootbags, keys, etc.)

  • Yes

  • No

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Summary of Suggestion:
Getting rewards from reaching the vote goal when you vote for the server.


Suggestion In-depth:
VoteParty is a plugin where you get rewards at a certain vote goal (maybe 100, 50, or 75 votes) where you can get rewards like Lootbags, Keys, Treasure Tokens, Aggressive Carrots, Fortune Cookies, Granny Leah's Cookies, Money, etc. Of course the rewards would be randomized so you won't get the same items every time you open one of these crates (or whatever you guys decide to use for it). It will affect the server positively by making it more encouraging to vote rather than just getting money from voting and not really getting anything else from voting; it'll help players even more by making these items more obtainable in case they need to finish a quest or trading stuff at Barry's Village on Aegis or Kaja's Keyshop on Deima. It'll most likely help out players rankup or increase the chances of the Auction House being used more frequently.
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