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Jul 5, 2019
Summary of Suggestion:
Prestige awards for players to unlock when prestiging.
Suggestion In-Depth:
With prestige awards (with some help from BondNC), there could be different buffs that players can earn either through spending in game money or giving a certain type of block to a vendor that has the buff. Some of the buffs that we came up with would be a three hour speed buff when on prestige 1, but you need to turn in something like 10 stacks of Prismarine and it resets weekly. For third prestige there could be a 25% sell buff that you can earn but it only lasts 30 minutes and you have to pay 5mil or something and it can't be reobtained until the end of the month. And when on Prestige 5 there should be a command that you can get 2 of each lootbag and it resets weekly. It would give players something exciting to do especially when prestiging and gives players something to look forward to while doing so.
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