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Jul 5, 2019
Summary of Suggestion:
Having a daily or weekly quest that requires xp bottles.


Suggestion In-Depth:
So, what I had in mind with this is either have it where Toast has a daily or weekly quest that requires us to bring him XP Bottles or even have both.. The weekly could be bring 10 stacks of xp bottles and receive 5 levels of xp and the daily could be set up as bring 5 stacks of xp bottles and get 2 treasure tokens. This could also be vice versa, but lower the levels from 5 to 3 but still let it require the 10 stacks of xp bottles. Then if the weekly becomes deliver stacks of xp bottles for tokens.. then up to the stack amount to 7 and up the tokens to 5. This would give players a chance to get rid of some the XP bottles because the rate they drop is kind of crazy. A player can get at least 36 or more a day if they have been getting Aegis crate keys at a good rate throughout the day.


Jul 3, 2019
This suggestion in a way has been approved. There is a new aspect on castaway called a "Supporter" status, whereas players can pay for a subscription and get extra benefits. In regards to this suggestion, there is currently a daily quest (only for supporters) that will enable a trade of XP bottles for experience levels.


You can examine all the perks and prices for the Supporter status here:

Thank you for suggesting!
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