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Apr 19, 2019
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In order for reports to be processed fast and efficiently, all reports must follow the report format. If the report format is not used, your report may be denied. Please note that all evidence mustn't be older than 14 days or it will be considered insufficient.
Please post your report thread

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Copy and paste the following format in your report thread, answering the questions in bold.

Reporter's IGN:
This is where you put your IGN. This must be the IGN of the account that the evidence was recorded from.

Offender's IGN:
This is where you put the IGN of the rule-breaker.

Which rule were they breaking and how?

Link to evidence of the offender breaking the rules. You may attach as many links as you like, however, they must either be Imgur or YouTube links. If you are reporting a player using a hacked client, you must attach video evidence.
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