remove the chat message when someone opens a p1 crate

Do you want the chat message <player> is opening a perralous pride crate

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Nov 9, 2019
Summary of Suggestion:
remove the chat message so when someone has 32 p1 or more keys it doesn't annoy anyone else.


Suggestion In-depth:

remove the <player> is opening a Perralous Pride crate
I don't even get why it is there in the first place because lets face it the p1 crates are not that good, the best thing in it is a cosmetic shard or a pet and that will send another chat message if a player gets it. Also, not to be rude but does anyone actually care when someone is opening a perralous key? 100k from a p1 crate is nothing, 175k, still almost nothing, some rare lootbags? I have like 3 stacks I don't want anymore. even the doubloons are terrible if you don't get really lucky. and crate keys for all? that is the WORST reward in there. I did not get a p1 key to give someone else keys and turn it into a few aegis keys and maybe one kappa key. If they got a buff maybe the chat message wouldn't be as bad but as of now it is just annoying. end of rant.
Jul 3, 2019
I think the reason it was added was because when someone opens a p1 crate it is something uncommon. The reason it is annoying right now is because people are getting their prestige rewards and their is 30+ people on currently. I like it when it's annouced when I open a p1 crate
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