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Jul 5, 2019
Summary of Suggestion:
Allow players to purchase private mines.

Prison and OP Prison

Suggestion In-depth:
With the sudden increase in player count and more people having the same rank, it becomes harder to mine in the donator mines. I believe allowing players to purchase private mines in game would be a great idea and having players that own a mine of their be able to invite up to 4 friends(5 players total), would be amazing. But instead of the mines being similar to what are on the islands, the players must unlock better mines through mining. So for example, a total of 10000 stone must be mined to unlock the next material, either iron or cobble. Also with this you could have branched off tiers that allow players to go for another item similar to what they have been mining(iron ore to iron blocks). I am sure you're asking how would players purchase the private mines.. well they could use Treasure Tokens(around 500k to 1mil tokens). Treasure Tokens aren't really that useful at a higher rank but if instead of being an inventory item and they were changed more to a crypto currency form in Castaway(i.e. on sidebar like money), it would allow players to see how many they have and could allow newer and better ideas flow in with the system(i.e. purchasing 30minutes of fly for 100k tokens, 30minutes of having a p15 pick(400k tokens) or a p25 pick(750k tokens)).
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Apr 19, 2019
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±1 Needs some working out.
I've always thought of this concept being implemented, glad you suggested it.
I originally though of having private mines on a PI but a separate private mine seems like a good idea. Maybe instead of purchasing a mine, the mines can be rented for a certain amount per week/month (similar to the PI system). This could a) be a good incentive for people to log in frequently, and b) prevent the same issues we're experiencing now with all the PIs being taken.

EDIT: Kelvin has hinted on Discord that this suggestion may become a reality.
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