Permitted Modifications

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    Permitted Modifications

    Modifications (or "mods") are a way players are able to boost their overall gameplay experience with added features that are not included in vanilla Minecraft. Mods are allowed on the server, however, there are many mods that give players an unfair advantage towards other players, meaning we are only able to allow specific types of mods on our server.

    At the creation date of this thread, all listed mods were compliant with our network rules. Over time, the mod creators may add or change a feature of a mod that does not abide by our rules. If you believe one of the listed mods below no-longer complies with our rules please DM a staff member.

    Mods must only be loaded with Forge or ModLoader. If they require another loader or launcher, they are prohibited, excepting Labymod.


    Verified Modifications

    • Armour Status, Effect Status, Damage Indicators
      Quite generally, mods that display your current armour, the durability of an item and potion effects are permitted. Mods that show statistics of another player, such as their armour, effects, full health and hud are not permitted and are classified as hacked clients
    • 5Zig, Labymod
      These mods bring many advanced, client-based features to Minecraft. Because they hardly interact with other players and only affects the user's client, they are permitted.
      However, 5Zig contains features that are not to be used on the network, such as player locating and macros. Please ensure you do not use these features while playing on the server. This also applies to prohibited Labymod addons.
    • Optifine
      Optifine improves FPS and has other features as well, and is completely permitted and recommended.​
    • Shaders and Aesthetic
      Mods used for shaders or aesthetic purposes are permitted as long as they are completely client-based (meaning the mod only affects the sole user).​
    • Minimap and Waypoint (with restrictions)
      Minimap mods display a small map in the corner of the user's client. The minimap must not display any nearby players, entities or cave systems. If these features are not toggled off, the offender will be punished.

    Prohibited Modifications

    • Toggle Sprint/Sneak Mods
    • Mods that give an unfair advantage
    • Mods that show another player's statistics (like hud, full health, potion effects)​
    • "Printing" mods
    • Macro and Keybind mods

    Modification not listed?

    If a mod is not listed in the allowed modifications section, do not use it.
    Simple as that.


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