Mining Rewards 3 Glitch

Jul 12, 2019
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Since Wednesday at about 6:30 PM CST (But Technodate told me that it's apparently been going on for a while)

Brief Description of the Bug:
The "Mine 540 (I think that's how many?) Gold Blocks" quest for MR3 doesn't show up when I do /quest and I'm positive that I've mined that many gold blocks by now. I've already turned in the 64 gold blocks for the other quest, but it won't let me progress MR3 until I finish that second quest, but it's impossible for me to finish that second quest.

Recreation Steps:
Just get to this point in the set of MR3 quests and then log off and log back in. At least for me, this is when the quest disappeared.

Other Media:
(sorry chat is so small, but you can see that the quest doesn't show up when I do /quests)

Thank you!!