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Jul 3, 2019
Major Prison Update

  • Added 7 new islands (S-Y)!
    • These islands are sure to be filled with tons of nostalgia and danger as memories of CastawayMC 1.0 start coming back.

  • Added 20 new Prestiges (6-25) and Prestige Rewards (finally!)
    • Prestige Patty is on Aegis. If you have already prestiged before this update, you can right click her to claim the rewards (Only Prestige 1-5).

  • HUGE Cosmetic Update
    • Added a brand new set of Titles!
    • /cosmetics opens a main GUI which will prompt you to choose from the new available cosmetics.
    • /titles to view the fresh set of titles!
    • There is also a new type of key, the Cosmetic Key. It can be used in the crate room on Aegis.
      • Cosmetic Keys can be obtained through prestiging, and from Donor Dolp (chance to get). More options to obtain them coming soon.....
    • All Cosmetic items are purchasable from the store.
    • New particles and morphs (disguises) coming next week!!!

  • Added Donor Daily Rewards
    • Speak to Donor Dolp on Donor Island and claim a different reward depending on what rank you have.
      • Donor
        • 6 Aegis Keys, 3 Kappa Keys, 5 Rare Lootbags, 1 Legendary Lootbag, Chance of; a Smashable Clock and Perralous Key.
      • VIP
        • 9 Aegis Keys, 6 Kappa Keys, 7 Rare Lootbags, 3 Legendary Lootbags, Chance of; 3 Smashable Clocks and 2 Perralous Keys.
      • Elite
        • 12 Aegis Keys, 9 Kappa Keys, 9 Rare Lootbags, 5 Legendary Lootbags, Chance of; 5 Smashable Clocks, 3 Perralous Keys, and a Cosmetic Key.
      • Legendary
        • 15 Aegis Keys, 12 Kappa Keys, 12 Rare Lootbags, 7 Legendary Lootbags, Chance of; 8 Smashable Clocks, 5 Perralous Keys, and a Cosmetic Key.

  • Added Head Shop
    • Speak to Earnest Earns on Zaltor island to access the brand new head shop. More heads will be added on a weekly basis!

  • Changed how chat is formatted
    • Instead of prestige tags just changing the bracket and letter color, your prestige tag will now display as a number beside your island rank. Your prestige tag will now also change color every 5 prestiges instead of every prestige ( e.x 1-5 tags are pink, 6-10 is blue.)
    • You can also click on anyone’s username in chat and it will prompt a command to /travel to their PI.
    • In the next few days hover message will be added for chat, which will display all sorts of information and statistics about whichever player you are hovering over.

  • Buffed Chat Reaction Rewards
    • Added 19 different rewards, from Money to Legendary Lootbags, to Dense Tokens.

  • Smaller Updates
    • Added /multi or /sellbuff to view all active sellbuffs
    • Removed current titles/particles from the store. You can still view and use the old titles by using /oldtitles ingame. You also can still obtain the old titles from cosmetic shards.
    • Removed Title Selector from the store
    • Removed Supporter from the store
    • Removed Sell Buff from the store
    • Removed MR Lucky Drops from the store
    • Removed Exp Multiplier from the store
    • Removed Smashable Clocks from the store
    • Legend mines now reset at 100% blocks broken. You can use /rr to manually reset it at 40%+.
    • Legendary mines are buffed in order to compensate islands S-Y being added.

If anyone encounters a bug with any of the new additions, please contact a developer or above, thank you.
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