Helper Application Format

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Apr 16, 2019
Please copy this format into a new thread and fill out the questions with honesty:

SECTION A - General Information

1. Minecraft Username:

2. Discord Username and Discriminator (Fantastic_Doge#0666):

3. Age:

4. Timezone:

5. How many hours a week can you contribute to staffing duties?:

6. Are you multilingual? If so, what languages?:

7. Which gamemode do you play the most on CastawayMC?:

SECTION B - Introduction

8. Have you been staff on another server?:

9. Why are you applying for helper? (At least 200 words):

10. What is your greatest strength? How will it help you as a helper?: (At least 200 words):

11. What is your greatest weakness? (At least 200 words):

12. Describe what traits a helper should have and how they are important to the role of a helper (At least 200 words):

SECTION C - Scenarios

13. A friend wants you to ban someone that they don't like. What would you do?:

14. You have recently been hired as a helper and you notice another staff member is abusing their permissions, what do you do?:

15. A staff announcement is made on Discord about an upcoming major update to Castaway with all the details. Developers tease to the public about said update and your friend messages you asking for all the details about the update. What do you say?:

16. You casually play on Castaway and are the first to find a major exploitable bug which allows you to duplicate blocks infinitely. What do you do?:

17. You are in the hub and are just about to go AFK for half an hour and someone messages you to come deal with the spammer on Prison. You urgently have to get off but the person keeps insisting. What do you do?:

SECTION D - Conclusion

18. Are you able to record evidence?:

19. Do you currently own an operational microphone?:

20. Do you agree to never abuse your permissions in anyway that personally benefits you and harms the community or give out items the community are not meant to have?:

21. Will you follow the staff guide and listen to all directions from the staff managers at all times?:

22. Anything else we should know?:
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