End of the decade/christmas event idea

Would you like this event, or is it too farfetched?

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Dec 14, 2019
Now, this might be a little late to plan this all out as I can imagine everybody is quite busy, but hear me out:

My idea is that in this christmas break (so until the 7th of januari for most people) we have one event for the end of the decade/begin of the new one.
It could be something like a zombie wave survival game, where you start out with basic gear (1 wooden sword) and can buy better gear as the zombies get stronger.
Now this event wouldn't be fun without a community aspect, the goal of this event would be to reach the highest wave possible, while you can also get individual rewards for certain challenges/achievements, or perhaps even bonuses for most zombie kills, or stuff like that.
Respawning would also be a thing, this could happen at the end of the wave, and the game would end if everybody dies in the wave.
The punishment for dying would be something like losing some of your coins, maybe 10% (That is used to upgrade gear)
The event does not have to use zombies, but we can also use other mobs.
Also, every 5 waves we could have a boss mob, which has a lot of hp and has special attacks, like maybe the giant would have an earthquake ability.

It would be fun to see a community event for the end of the year/decade, i don't mind if this event is too far-fetched, but I would love to see an event where the community works together instead of against eachother.


Nov 3, 2019
I think it's a little late to try and get that up and running, but i would definitely enjoy that as an event or maybe a mini game. :D
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