Castaway Improvements

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  • 1) Better Achievements

  • 2) Total play time rewards

  • 3) Better vote rewards

  • 4) Rewards for Achievements

  • 5) I disagree with everything said

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Apr 6, 2020
A couple of suggestions for improved player interaction with the server.

Suggesting for CI (duh)

1) Better achievements which actually give sort of a guideline on what they should do next. ie) Meet Secret Susan, Meet Secret Sam, Meet SS (V) or of the sort. Or Reach P(1), P(2), P(5) etc... Or Find a Secret Chest, Find 10 Secret Chests, Find all the Secret Chests, etc. Or Win 1 Reaction, Win 10 Reactions, Win 50 Reactions, etc....

Like Random Achievements like finding Nemo and Aegis Heights are Iconic but shouldn't we have more things that actually seem like achievements?

2) Total playtime rewards. This would incentivize people to play on the server or for people to come back to play on the server to get these rewards. You can start off small like $10 000 for spending 1 hour on the server and then ramp it up from here say after 2 days give out a testament. A week on the server, give out a cosmetic key.

3) Better vote rewards. Voting for the server is lacklustre, the money is so little compared to what we could get from 5 mins of mining. Do anything to this give out more money for a streak? Give a reward for most votes in a month? Do something with the reward system, as it stands right now there isn't much of a reason to vote other than just a want for the server to thrive.

4) Kinda ties into 1) Rewards for achievements. Getting them is again lacklustre, the only real reason to do them is for those who are really want to. Make achievements something people want to achieve.

These are just suggestions, nothing is set in stone if you feel the same but don't like my examples leave a comment. So the devs may see.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
I want this server to strive again.