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    End of the decade/christmas event idea

    I think it's a little late to try and get that up and running, but i would definitely enjoy that as an event or maybe a mini game. :D
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    Auction House NPC

    Summary of Suggestion: I would like to see an auction house / trade npc. Gamemode: Prisons Suggestion In-depth: I think it would be a great idea to add an npc for trading with other players. Could possibly be something to stick on island A so that everyone has access to it no matter their...
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    {AFK} Message

    Well, now it's in the right place with the right format. Can't hurt to have it reposted.
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    {AFK} Message

    Didn't see it anywhere. Sorry.
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    {AFK} Message

    Summary of Suggestion: In the tab menu of players, possibly adding a function that adds {AFK} next to player names after 30 minutes - 1 hour of inactivity. Gamemode: Island Prison Suggestion In-depth: It would be a positive impact in my opinion. It would let players know how many people are...