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  1. RealAmerican


    Add /sell to the Mythic Rank. Also make it so we can sell a double chest at a time if that is possible.
  2. RealAmerican

    Best way to get xp?

    I'm at 1.7k xp and I've been trying to get to the 3.5k milestone. I have been fishing on L for testaments and using any tokens for xp as well. Is there a better way to get levels?
  3. RealAmerican

    Add /sell

    Summary of Suggestion: Add a /sell command to donators. Gamemode: Prison Suggestion In-depth: Add a /sell to the VIP and up ranks in the server. It would make it more convenient. We already have /craft and /furnace along with /echest so I don't see why we can't have /sell. It would be just...
  4. RealAmerican

    Approved 64 Books = 5 lvls

    Summary of Suggestion: I was talking with Techno and a few others and I believe that we should be able to trade 64 books for 5 xp lvls at the Barry Village on A. This would add another use to books and I asked some people on the server and they think that 64 books for 5 lvls is a fair trade...