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  1. RealAmerican


    Add /sell to the Mythic Rank. Also make it so we can sell a double chest at a time if that is possible.
  2. RealAmerican

    Recruiting for OP Prison Truce/Team

    I know! But yet they declined me
  3. RealAmerican

    Best way to get xp?

    Around 800
  4. RealAmerican

    Best way to get xp?

    I was getting around 500-700 xp a day fishing on L even after the nerf
  5. RealAmerican

    Best way to get xp?

  6. RealAmerican

    Best way to get xp?

    Is it worth it to try to get the xp from fishing on P?
  7. RealAmerican

    Best way to get xp?

    I'm at 1.7k xp and I've been trying to get to the 3.5k milestone. I have been fishing on L for testaments and using any tokens for xp as well. Is there a better way to get levels?
  8. RealAmerican

    Add /sell

    Summary of Suggestion: Add a /sell command to donators. Gamemode: Prison Suggestion In-depth: Add a /sell to the VIP and up ranks in the server. It would make it more convenient. We already have /craft and /furnace along with /echest so I don't see why we can't have /sell. It would be just...
  9. RealAmerican

    Approved 64 Books = 5 lvls

    Summary of Suggestion: I was talking with Techno and a few others and I believe that we should be able to trade 64 books for 5 xp lvls at the Barry Village on A. This would add another use to books and I asked some people on the server and they think that 64 books for 5 lvls is a fair trade...