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    {AFK} Message

    Was on the Discord #suggestions...
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    {AFK} Message

    I already suggested this, buddy.
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    New Update!

    Hey all! I’m excited to tell you about the new mine update! Legendary mines have been buffed by 50%, making them the best mine by far! Elite PvP mine was also significantly buffed, making it better than Legendary’s regular mine. Happy Mining! - The Castaway Staff
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    All server unmute/unban

    To be honest, you agreed to getting perma banned if you got un-perma muted now you’re complaining? Move on, you’re a 21 year old no life; do something with your life k?
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    Castaway Slogan

    Alright, please send me the link
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    Pvp tag

    Kat’s idea btw. hey im like far too lazy to make an actual post on the forums, but i think some nice addition to the pvp changes would be to make it so that when someone outside pvp and who is untagged, get tagged when they smack someone who is tagged bc rn if someone runs out who's tagged...
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    PvP stuff

    You shouldn’t be allowed to click the button at sam when tagged, defeats the whole purpose of “high risk/high reward.” Also, we should be able to put a kill counter on swords/axes. What would be cool is a voting top leaderboard (sb!voting) which would be an encourager to vote for the server...
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    Castaway Slogan

    I smell a kid with empty threats...
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    Recruiting for OP Prison Truce/Team

    Rejected, you do not PvP.
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    Recruiting for OP Prison Truce/Team

    Hey. I’m going to be recruiting for my team in OP Prison. We will be dominating the whole PvP scene, and if you are not in the team-good luck getting to mines through PvP zones without getting killed. There will be 15 total players in the alliance, and will cost $10,000,000 (prison money) if...
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    worst eu <3

    worst eu <3
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    Best way to get xp?

    like the testaments got kinda nerfed
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    Best way to get xp?

    I think that L is a little bit better, even though it was nerfed :)