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    IRL trades

    I might buy you mythic if I can get ur sister, deal?
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    op prison crew

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    op prison crew

    changed my mind, since you joind on my birthday (nov 03) (and im nice)
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    op prison crew

    no retard
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    Approved 64 Books = 5 lvls

    yeah and maybe 1,5 stacks = 10 tokens or something like that, so you get 5 tokens from a stack and 10 from 1,5 stacks
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    ok thanks
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    when you go to ur profile click on signature, what do I put there, can i put random stuff just like on hypixels forum? or what do I put there
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    best pvper (after me)

    best pvper (after me)
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    Suggestion #2

    Agreed, if you go to secret sam it should be high risk. High risk, high reward
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    Add /sell

    +1, /sell for elite or vip+ instead if regular vip
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    rip to all the og players with raw chicken, raw mutton, rabbit thing and skeleton skull
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    being toxic

    being toxic
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    Best way to get xp?

    what did u get before the nerf?