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Jul 3, 2019
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Network Rules

The CastawayMC network rules have been implemented in order to maintain an energetic and exciting community experience for everyone whilst also cutting down on people who may ruin this experience for others. It is mandatory that all players abide by these rules at all times whilst in-game, on our Discord and on the forums.
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Globally Applicable Rules

Harassment is not allowed; do not harass other people. Do not make any rude, offensive or derogatory comments toward another player. Do not blackmail other players with personal or confidential information. Do not deliberately annoy other players. Accusing other players of hacking is not allowed.

General toxicity or excessive swearing is forbidden. Do not excessively swear. Sexual or gruesome discussion in the chat is not allowed.

Do not exploit bugs or glitches, not only for personal gain but in any way whatsoever. This covers attempting to glitch through blocks in order to access places you normally cannot access.

Your username cannot include words or terms that signify racism or sexism nor can you rename an item with such words or terms. Offending other players through the use of items and usernames will not be tolerated. Skins and capes must not include any foul imagery.

Do not use an alt account in order to bypass a ban or mute on another account. Do not use signs or pet names to communicate with other people whilst muted.

The use of hacked clients is strictly forbidden.

Modifications that provide an unfair advantage over other users are strictly prohibited. See for a detailed list of what is and what isn’t permitted.

Mouse-modding (placing items onto mouse to keep it clicking) is not permitted, either.

Players must follow all staff orders, no matter what.

"Staff members reserve the right to punish any player without initial reasoning, however, they must provide valid reasoning within 12 hours of the punishment or it will be completely revoked."
This essentially implies that if a staff member needs to (within good reasoning) remove a player from the server, they can punish a player whenever. This system will operate in highly unlikely situations when a player is required to leave the server but hasn't broken any rules. This is merely a precautionary implication.

Trading in-game items or money with IRL purchases or accounts is not allowed.

Macros are permitted to be used for commands or chat as long as the macro output follows chat rules. Macros and scripts cannot be used to physically alter the player's actions or movements.

Builds designed to reflect racism, sexism, or to offend other people will not be tolerated.

Alternative accounts must not be used in order to auction off more than the maximum number of items at any given time.

Chat Rules

The following is not allowed:
  • 2 or more similar or identical messages within 5 minutes
  • 5 or more similar or identical messages in 1 hour
  • One message spread through 3 or more messages
    (Coalminer123: Hey
    Coalminer123: what’s
    Coalminer123: up?)
  • 10 or more of the same character (“aaaaaaaaaa”) or key-bashing (“aaahahnofdi,” “838399485”)

Asking other players for items or money or announcing you are accepting donations is not allowed unless the player is asking for money or items they are owed.

There are 2 types of advertising: Light and regular. Neither are permitted on the server.

Light advertising includes:
  • Mentioning another server’s name in chat or in a private message
  • Advertising Twitch channels or YouTube channels/videos that don’t contain CastawayMC content
  • Screenshot links that do not relate to the server
Regular advertising includes:
  • Sharing the IP to other servers
  • Attempting to recruit players for another server
  • Asking players to join a certain server
  • Advertising your product

Gamemode-specific Rules

  • The use of an auto-fish farm is prohibited.

  • Do not excessively target other players.
  • Do not team with other players.

Breaking a rule could result in removal from our community. By using any of our services, such as in-game, on our forums or discord, you agree to abide by the network rules where applicable. If you require any assistance or have questions about a certain rule, please contact a staff member.
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