Mute Appeal

Jul 4, 2019
Your IGN:

Punishment Issued By:

Punishment Reason:
Harassment/mockery [5th Offense]

Why your punishment is unreasonable:
First off, I do not remember even being warned for "Harassment or mockery." I would have liked to get /warned before being muted, as lets me know that I am close to getting muted, then I would have stopped my inappropriate actions (if I even had any). When I do get /warned, I see the red message and immediately disengage with any harassment/drama I am involved in, to avoid causing and future problems/getting muted. And I do know that before muting a player, a formal /warn needs to be issued (I checked the LiteBans page and did not see any warnings under my name). Additionally, the longest mute I did receive was a 7 day (1 week mute) which does not align with the permanent mute I received. I know that a 30 day (1 month mute) is issued before a permanent mute, and I am yet to receive that, which is why I am confused.

Furthermore, I did not log on in the morning today, and still got muted. I do not understand how this is possible as this is either a mistake, or something else happened. This morning, I had a conversation with qCam. I ask him about my report, and tell him that it was not the right decision, and he responds by harassing me and calling me an "asshole" and other derogatory terms. ( ). Right after the conversation, I was blocked, and surprisingly I got muted 30 minutes AFTER the conversation occured and he blocked me. To me, this sounds like qCam is being biased and muting me unfairly without issuing a warning (which I know for a fact that he wrote the staff guide, and it says that staff must warn before a mute is issued). I am speculating that the mute could have been due to the Discord DM's, which were completely external from the CastawayMC server.

Also, I know that a permanent mute is a 5th offense punishment. Without receiving a 30 day mute, I thought that I was on my 3rd offense, not on my forth. If the staff team had given me a 30day mute, I would’ve been more cautious with my actions and would know that I was close to getting a permanent mute. This confused me a lot as I always thought I was on my 3rd offense as my highest duration mute was for a week long.

Also, I do have proof that I was not on my 5th offense. (3rd offense)
My first mute for Disrespect/Harassment was on March 24th by Just_Wes. (1 day)
My second mute for Disrespect was on March 31st, and it was by Cheez. Then I was unmuted by Wes then muted for the correct time (1 week). The 1 day mute on March 31st does not count as that mute was not the correct length. Those mutes are based off the same incident, the 1 day mute was unmuted to be replaced by a 1 week mute, hence the time being 4 minutes after.

My third mute was a month long, also by Wes, and was on June 1st. I talked to Wes about it and he unmuted me as I did not receive a warning prior to my mute, then we agreed on a 1 week mute so I took it. (It was not for disrespect). Therefor, the 1 month long mute should not count, as after I talked to Wes it was replaced with a 1 week mute.

I did not have a mute for player disrespect/harassment until my permanent mute which was yesterday, July 11th. Therefore, I am only on my 3rd offense.

I can see where qCam got the “5th offense” from, but he counted those 2 mutes which one of them I talked with the staff member to get it reduced, and the other one was when my mute was getting extended to the right length. These two mutes should not count as they were off the same incident.

Thank you for your time,
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