Rejected Ban Appeal

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Jul 27, 2019
Your IGN:
SuicideSquad / kris_98

Punishment Issued By:

Punishment Reason:
There seems to be no reason shown but I can remember following and asking a player to pvp.

Why your punishment is unreasonable:
The terms of my perm unmute where that if I acted up again I would get perm ban but I would be treated fairly. I have had 0 evidence provided to me showing I did anything wrong and my ban was instant with no message before hand. If following a player and asking to pvp is treated as something wrong then rather than providing a harsh perm ban which has had no evidence or fairness attached to it. Instead do a simple /warn so none of this would have had to happened. Anyway, the most important thing is I can get unbanned so I can give away my 100m and items. Or so I can simply carry on building and mining.

Take care

(Edit: been 3 days since appeal... bruh)
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Jul 3, 2019
We have rejected your appeal. There was enough evidence to have warranted your ban because you indeed harassed another player. The details for your unmute was (and I quote), "SuicideSquad has been unmuted, under the conditions that if there is any inkling of drama on both discord and in-game he will be perm banned immediately."

In regards to the evidence, it was submitted by an anonymous source that until now still requests to stay anonymous. In the screenshot (Minecraft CI chat), you called this individual a "bitch" and kept harassing them. This individual did not appreciate your messages, which is why it warrants as harassment. You should have known to not include yourself in any type of drama, knowing how thin of ice you were on. Alongside this, you also harassed a few other people, one of them being the player you thought was the main reason why you were banned.

You are saying that your perm-ban is harsh and had no warning, well that was the agreement you made. You should have had the consensus to not involve yourself in any type of harassment whatsoever. The ban was instant because you should have not even needed to receive a warning because you agreed that you would be on your best behavior.

Figure 1:
Figure 2:

The figures above showcase that you accepted the terms that if you were in any type of drama, you would be perm-banned. "Do not engage" is what you should have done. Alongside that, you were also treated fairly, a /warn is not required when it comes to issues regarding harassment. But then you argued that you should have had one. That would mean that you wanted to be treated differently if you had done acts of harassment, then wouldn't that mean we as a staff team would be biased because we gave you special treatment in the form of /warn? Bias doesn't always come in the form of ill-treatment, it also exists if special conditions are given to long-time players, so you can't argue that our decisions are coming from an unfair standpoint. You should have just learned to not get involved or be rude to other people.

The staff team wanted and believed that you could be better in regards to being respectful and polite, that is why we have given you a plethora of chances to get un-muted in the past. So we are not being unfair, we gave you a chance to redeem yourself. If we didn't care about you, we wouldn't have unmuted you the first time. Also don't think that because we won't provide the screenshots that have warranted your ban, we are being unfair. No, we respect the requests of our players, and that includes keeping their reports anonymous if need be, and that is why no evidence was attached to the ban.

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